Using drones can have numerous advantages over other methods of capturing images on Construction sites

One is their lower cost compared to planes or helicopters. Drones can also improve the quality of films and photos. National Infrared Inspections can provide images up to 50 megapixels, panoramas in 800+ megapixels and videos in 4K resolution.

Drones can take shots from very close, or very far which means you only need one supplier to provide both aerial imagery and outdoor shots. The photos and videos that can be taken at unique angles allow for an exclusive viewing angle of the venue; which can be used as an additional sell point.

National Infrared Inspections captures footage at a greater height than a crane but lower than a helicopter. This height is essential for larger scale property where showing the enormity of the grounds is critical, or for proximity shots where you can highlight the unique facilities surrounding the property.

National Infrared Inspections captures footage that would otherwise not be available, because of the remoteness of the locations for some Construction sites.

National Infrared Inspections is based in Canberra only 10mins from the airport & has access to any destination required nationally or internationally


Our GPS assisted Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with collision protection and active camera stabilisation are fitted with ultra-high resolution cameras capable of capturing images in 4K-UHD (ultra-high definition) resolution (3840 x 2160p) and are even capable of producing 3D images by taking a combination of photographs and using software to correct images for distortion using elevation data before stitching them together to create a truly breathtaking result, one that is simply not possible from ground shots alone.


Keeping track of complex construction projects with many moving parts isn’t easy. Drones allow project managers to regularly map and model their jobsite, work more efficiently and communicate easier. Detailed, high-resolution drone images allow you to measure and analyse almost anything on the site from a unique aerial perspective.


Drones give you the ability to discover potential site issues, that may go unnoticed at ground level. Aerial imager also allows you to build a complete, visual record of your site’s progress and identify any conflicts early. This enables a richer data-set that translates into better, more informed decisions on the ground.


Construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces in the world. Drones can be used to inspect hard-to-reach or accessible but dangerous locations. Drones are ideal for assessing building envelopes or investigating a site for dangerous situations—eliminating the need for someone to scale up scaffolding or walk a site on foot.


We help asset and facility managers understand the performance and depreciation of their assets through regular inspection regimes and dilapidation reporting.

Real-time awareness and accuracy have always been challenges on construction sites. However, drones are now able to provide the data required at each phase of the construction process.

During the pre-construction phase, improved drone captured field data can significantly improve the speed and quality of the design process. National Infrared Inspections can capture high-resolution videos and images, enabling 3D modelling and providing data for stakeholders before work even commences.

Further to this, National Infrared Inspections only uses the latest in Software industry-leading survey mapping systems are the only modern-day surveying option.

The software processes information efficiently which gives contractors fast access to complex data, including Orthophotography, in turn enabling a swift reaction and reduces delays in the build phase.

A construction site can be a dangerous place, National Infrared Inspections can also deploy services to increase safety by performing hazardous work, and by monitoring construction areas for possible sources of risk and accidents.
In the last phase of construction, UAVs can be used for final work assessment, environmental impact verification and reporting. The data collected can be further used for maintenance and marketing purposes.

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