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At your facility, you cannot afford to be without a regular infrared (IR) thermographic survey of your electrical switchgear, distribution system and mechanical equipment.

The Fire Protection Association Australia suggests that every commercial and industrial building in the Australia should have an IR survey at least once a year.

Increasingly… Insurance companies are requiring IR surveys of electrical and mechanical systems for their insured. Some companies may even offer discounts if you have the surveys performed.


Infrared thermography is used to perform Infrared Thermal inspections on electrical equipment because excess resistance on electrical apparatus indicates electrical faults such as loose connections, overloaded or imbalanced circuits, faulty breakers, damaged switches, faulty fuses and a wide range of other unwanted electrical conditions.

Before an electrical component burns up, it heats up. Thermography is used to see the excess heat (resistance) so that problems can be found, and maintenance personnel can act to correct the problem before the component fails, causing damage to the component, safety hazards and/or production downtime.


Infrared inspections of mechanical rotating equipment can find excess heat caused by friction and wear. Some friction induced heating is normal in mechanical systems, but when it increases above typical operating temperatures, it can be a leading indicator of wear and a predictor of component failure. Thermal imaging detects this heat and identifies problems while they are in their early stages, preventing a catastrophic failure. Early detection provides your maintenance staff the opportunity to take corrective actions to prevent failure and downtime.

Infrared thermography (or thermal imaging) is a reliable, cost effective and highly efficient way of predicting a variety of fault conditions before they happen. It’s a technique that saves time, money and lives.

By scanning an object using an infrared camera, our trained operators detect and record abnormal surface temperatures, which show where a fault is going to occur before equipment fails. This enables our clients to avoid unscheduled downtime and unforeseen repair costs.

Thermographic inspections routinely result in cost savings measured in tens of thousands of dollars.


Almost all commercial property insurers now require regular thermographic inspections of electrical installations.

Thermography provides an extremely reliable way of detecting electrical faults in their early stages. This allows you to plan repairs and maintenance before costly, and potentially dangerous, electrical issues occur. You will be proactive, rather than reactively, maintaining your electrical infrastructure.

Inspections are carried out in real-world operating conditions, with no downtime required, and remedial works can be scheduled ahead of time.


We provide clients with comprehensive, easy to understand reports that contain information on any faults that have been identified during thermographic testing/scanning. These reports also contain clear recommendations on restorative action that may be required and recommendations for future monitoring in order of immediate action required to future action required.


Our infrared technicians are the best and most experienced in Australia with thousands of hours of experience in the field and are certified to rigorous Australian and International certifications, We are qualified to work anywhere in the world.

When you choose National Infrared Inspections, you can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that your infrastructure is in safe hands.

Every member of National Infrared Inspections experienced team takes pride in delivering excellent quality workmanship and friendly, professional service to every client on every job.


During the years National Infrared Inspections has been operating, we have worked across a broad range of industries, building a reputation as Australia’s most trusted thermographic contractor.

Our clients come from a range of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy and light industrial
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Marine
  • Mining and resources
  • Local, state and federal government
  • Defence
  • Medical
  • Construction

No matter what your industry your company is in, we can help. National Infrared Inspections has experience inspecting everything from hospitals to submarines, from supermarkets to oil rigs. We work with a diverse range of clients ranging from small local businesses, through to state and federal government and large national and multi-national corporations.

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